Cardable says you care

I recently got a chance to look at this website Cardable. I expected to be bored with just another card site, but that didn’t happen. It was fun, fast, and super easy!


Cardable describes their company in the following way,
“Personalized cards are a growing trend but if you’ve ever tried to navigate the big ‘super-sites’ you probably realised the experience was anything but personal. Enter the challenger, Cardable, a beautifully designed site which re-creates the corner shop experience on the internet. All cards are designed to be personalised with your own photos and feature an understated and charming sense of humour. You can currently send cards by email for free and printed cards are only 2.50 (plus postage). Unlike the others, Cardable does not try to be ‘all things to all people’ but if you enjoy photography and sharing a laugh with family and friends there’s sure to be something there for you.”
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What’s Important

As I lay in bed with my two babes, I truly am appreciative for all that I have.

A coworker of mine had one of the loves of their life taken from them too soon this weekend. I can not even begin to fathom what their family is going through. The loss of a child is like no other. I can not even pretend that I understand.

What I can do is love my babies until they can’t take it anymore. I can hug them, kiss them and tell them I love them along with everyone else in my life. I can put down the iPhone for a bedtime story, or just for cuddles. I can take that 5 minute break from homework to hear their insane requests for outlandish toys on TV or ice cream before dinner.

I can remind all of you, my readers, to tell those around them you love them. Hug them, kiss them, squeeze them tight, because somewhere someone may have just been robbed of those special moments with someone they love.

We as people need to cherish the time we have, and celebrate life before it’s too late…

Wonderful WeekendWeather



This weekend we took some time to enjoy the wonderful weather that headed our way in Maryland. We started off with a trip to the zoo! It was a blast considering it was around 60 degrees outside. For our whole family to get in it’s about $73 and thats before my sisters ticket so we decided to get a membership. I also added my sister Caroline onto the membership because she is 16 and trying to get in shape. So now we have a free activity that encourages walking and getting outside to do all summer! It will pretty much be the savior to my summer. That and the pool membership that we have to the club across the street that is absolutely wonderful!!!




This is my little piggy up there! and Below are some pictures from our second adventure of the weekend. On sunday after I opened at my job we traveled to a local bar/grille High Topps the only disappointing thing we encountered was the huge awesome pirate ship that used to adorn the sand pit as well as the slides was now gone. Apparently only the slides are staying and now they will extend the patio. Lets hope it goes to more family friendly seating since they took away the kids favorite attraction. It was a blast and the kids loved getting outside. We got there a little late in the afternoon so it was a little chilly but that’s nothing that a few jackets can’t fix!!!




Even with work and school I can still find the time to do amazing things and make memories with my babies!!!


New Years Eve at Noon

20121231-212151.jpg 20121231-212206.jpg

Today we ventured out to celebrate New Years Eve at the Maryland Science Center. While I must say our intentions were amazing so where the hundreds of other people who showed up with the same exact idea. It was insanity! This probably should of been an obvious thing in hindsight because it was the extravaganza with Milkshake the band and the last day of living socials for them.

I will say though that we had a blast watching a couple songs of the band Milkshakes from our awesome stair seats when we finally found a spot. The kids all had a great time though. I took my younger brother for a belated birthday outing because he has never been to the science center and at 9 years old I found that completely crazy considering I am a nerd who loves learning.

Some of the highlights:

* The kids corner: It was awesome and super fun. very crowded today but hey what did I expect!?

*The IMAX: We chose to see the Flight of the Butterflies in 3D and we ALL loved it. My husband was totally interested as was my brother. The best part was even Bex relaxed with his 3D glasses in my lap while Penny sat in her own seat next to me. They both really enjoyed it and so did I!

*Everything is stroller accessible for the most part. I was able to wheel the stroller almost anywhere and around everything with no problem at all. No skinny walk ways or cut throughs here! I loved this considering I brought a double stroller with me and lets face it… those things are huge & ain’t nobody got time for that!

Overall we had a really good time and absolutely plan on going back in 2013 on a day that won’t be as crowded! Now tonight I will curl up in bed with a glass (or 3) of champagne and watch a movie with my hubby until the ball drops where we will share our kiss and most likely instantly fall asleep 🙂


Did you do anything special to ring in the new year???