This upcoming week…

Over the next week or so I will be changing my hosting situation. 

I beg everyone to stay patient with me through this transition. I am learning the ropes slowly, but being a visual learner and not having anyone to show me exactly how to do all of this is quite hard. 


Thank you all in advance 🙂

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Back to School Butterflies




Monday I am going back to school. I know to some people it’s not a big deal, but to me this is huge! For the first time in two years I will walk into a classroom sit down at a desk and pull my books out of my bag. Right now I have a huge binder filled with loose leaf and soon to be dividers. Hellloooooo high school hahah I told my mom about my set up and she actually said “Do they still even use binders and looseleaf in college? Aren’t you guys supposed to bring laptops or something?” I casually laughed and explained I doubt my macbook from 2008 with its buzzing charger it needs to stay on would be welcome in a class full of people trying to learn. 

I am taking four classes. One on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, Two on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and One online. Although I am so excited I was blown away with the $400 I had to spend on books, not to mention Tuition. Thank Goodness for FAFSA!!! They covered my tuition, but there wasn’t any money left over for the books. That is TWO of our BGE payments!! Oh well, at least I can sell them back next semester and put the money towards next semesters class books. 

I am so excited to finally go back especially when I know If I do this and do it well I could be graduating in December of this year with an AAT. On the other hand I am nervous. I feel like a little kid on their first day of school. Waiting on the corner with a lunchbox in hand waiting with mom as the towering big yellow school bus slowly pulls up to a loud stop. The feeling of the butterflies that hit your stomach as the door slowly creaks open and you take that first large step up to get on that big yellow bus….I have those already! The only difference is that I am a 25 year old mom of two who will not have my mom by my side. I won’t be riding a big yellow school bus & my lunchbox won’t be in tow, just a lot of books! I will conquer this feeling though. I will march right into that classroom and I will pull out my binder and looseleaf marking my age. I will pay attention and I will kick ass so that I can provide a better future for my kids & every other kid who crosses my path while teaching.


I can do this & I will do this because I want it for me and for my kids!

It’s my time & It’s now or never…I ain’t gonna live forever…..