Fresh year, fresh start to a challenge

I plan to complete this, but in this gym this time! I will do this through classes and weights 🙂
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Day 1: #yogratitude & UNPLUGGED, But blogging every day keeps the doctor away!

Today is day one for a couple different personal challenges I am giving to myself! Today is the day that I start giving myself a daily time limit on my internet because it is time to UNPLUG! Another thing I have challenged myself to do is blog everyday in the month of August. I love blogging and I HAVE NO IDEA why I can’t seem to sit down and actually do it more often! The third thing on my list for the month of august is to do daily yoga with a group celebrating #yogratitude a combination of a daily thought of gratitude in your life along with a yoga pose. This will help me explore the many things in my life I am grateful for and should be more aware of as well as challenging my body to step beyond the abilities it thinks it is capable of. I know that my mind and body really need a great cleansing! 

      With all that said I am really excited and invigorated for the month of August. I can’t wait to get into my yoga and get ready to set myself up for a very positive future. School starts at the end of the month as well so I truly believe I will be putting myself into a position to start school with a positive mindset and in good physical shape to live a long and healthy life with my babies!

 I look forward to the future readers I will gain and of course am extremely grateful for the readers/followers who have been here through my rocky off and on blogging expedition ever since I started. I am lucky to have a great resource through MomDot among many other sites 🙂

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XOXO Jenni

Plugged In, Tuned Out

As a mom who is self admittedly addicted to technology I have recently realize that being plugged in usually tunes others out. This doesn’t mean I think every parent whose plugged in is tuning out, but I notice that I do it myself!

 I mean think about it.. I have a twitter: pennybex, an instagram: mommyhoodmania, a pinterest: photobugmama, a facebook for myself and for photo bug mama… this boils down to a shit ton of media all up in my business all the time. 

My challenge to myself for the month of August coming up is to dedicate two hours to the blog and my other media a day along with however many hours I need for homework after the babes are in preschool or have gone to bed !!!


of scheduling in advance blog topics, practicing time management, and self discipline!

I am hoping  that in the end my blog will be better functioning,

my babes will be happier, my school work will be done more efficiently,

and my gym schedule will even out in a regular patter with work.

Like this idea? Put yourself on a two hour social media cap for the month of August with me! 

Every Monday in August I will blog about how my Plugged In, Tuned Out challenge for myself is going 🙂



Completing this squat challenge over at Amanda Schissler Fitness on Facebook! Team Big Booty Squat Challenge….Hoping to win Day 1 down, too many to go haha

*Disclaimer: this is obviously not my rear. I will post before and after pictures at the end of the month. I will also be posting on the rest days about how I feel and my progress!