Bella the Bad Kitty strikes again…


A whole thing of cupcakes off the counter.
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Bella the bad kitty


Here you see my sweet Penelope laying with a kitten my friend A found on the side of the road! She is absolutely adorable and the cutest little thing, now that the fleas are gone!

At first when my friend passed her into my care , I realized OH NO! This cat is covered in fleas…WTH am I going to do?!  But, after a dawn bath and no change I decided to march my broke ass on over to the vet.  Luckily the flea treatment wasn’t too expensive $100, because she came home all clean, cute , and puffy for my kids to play with!


Two amigos eating together

The other issue was our other cat, Cheech or Chi Chi, he hated her at first. Hissing and swatting at her every chance he got, but then a miracle happened 10 days later when she walked up to his food bowl and started munching… nothing happened!!! It was a glorious moment because I was petrified he was going to kill her. I mean imagine that you are completely settled in your house, have great owners, your own free will, and then BOOOM! all of sudden some little kid/cat is dropped in your domain chasing you around and bothering you all the time… I’d probably be a hater too if I was Cheech. hahahah I was so happy that everyone was getting along. Beckham loves laying with her at night, and she has made herself perfectly comfortable wherever she goes.


Bex laying with Bella

The only this is that now she’s comfortable she has decided to be a frisky little kitty. For example, on her second day here she tore into the bag of her kitten food and spread those crunchy little brown pieces all overPenelope’s bedroom… I couldn’t believe it.. the whole room & cat food everywhere. For the sake of little Bella I closed the door and gave it a hour before I cleaned it up.

Next, she decided that sabotages the kids castles would be her favorite thing in the world to do. For a couple days, before the kids realized this would be out of my control, I would hear cries coming from Penny’s room only to run and find a pile of blocks all around little cat.

“SHE KILLED MY EIFFEL TOWER”, she would scream at an obnoxious level. Out would run the cat from the pile of blocks to hide, only to come out the next time she was darting her body into the towers like a suicide bomber.

Now she has decided to run around the house at all speeds whenever she can, knocking over anything and everything in her way. I find things knocked off counters when I get home from work, the food bowls tipped over, and all sorts of disarray.

Overall, my feelings towards this adorable little kitten, but she is a frisky little kitten…


Bella a.k.a Little Cat



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