Fresh year, fresh start to a challenge

I plan to complete this, but in this gym this time! I will do this through classes and weights 🙂
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Mother’s Therapy Organics : REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!


I was beyond excited when I got the email to review Mother’s Therapy Organics!


The lovely package M.T.O sent! I swear it smelled so fresh just opening it up!

Both of my babes have extremely sensitive skin, with Bex having the ultimate issues. Mother’s Therapy Organics sent me 3 of their different products to sample along with two on the go containers of their hand sanitizer. While the germ-figh’n hand lotion, cool as a cucumber  is marketed towards sanitizing as well as moisturizing before and after diaper changing I found myself wanting to use it all the time! Luckily they also sent the hand sanitizer, skin revitalizing for all the time whether it was on the go or at home! This was a life saver this week and I’ll tell you why.

I have been sooo sick and while I have still been watching the babes along with going to work, no one else has gotten it. I truly believe it’s because I was washing my hands and then sanitizing with this awesome sanitizer! The smell is amazing and it’s very mild, as not to overwhelm those of us who just can’t handle those strong aromas. I let my co-workers (we all work in childcare) use it and they kept all saying

“It smells so fresh!” & “Wow! I love how it isn’t sticky feeling like other sanitizers.”

Don’t even get me started on the Mother’s Therapy Organics Baby Lotion, Soothing Relaxing Moisturizing.  It is absolutely amazing. My babes get allergic reactions to almost all lotions I put on them with the exception of a few. The first day this package came in the mail I couldn’t wait to get the babes in a bath and use this lotion after. With its light, creamy feeling both of them absolutely loved it and no one complained they felt icky (this often happens with those heavy, unscented lotions) The best part…. no reaction. It was so sensitive and awesome that we had no issues & it has become a regular part of our night time routine.

Now that everyone was patient here is the best part…..


Mother’s Therapy Organics is giving the winner of this giveaway a family pack of their of products worth $30 for FREE!!!

All you have to do is enter using rafflecopter link below and on November 8th

& we will have a winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received products in order to complete this review. The opinions stated in this are completely my own and by no means influenced by anything!!!!

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Body Combat & This mom getting a Brick Body

SO Yesterday this mama had her first group exercise class experience. Two of my friends and I decided to go ahead and try body combat at 5:30 p.m.  I decided to go in to Brick Bodies early since they just opened up a new location near my house & I have to say I was blown away.Image It was big and there were tons of work out machines everywhere! The first thing that drew my eye was the huge kids area for the Little Bricks and then the pool, but the first time I was there I was on a mission. I needed to sign up so I’d be ready to show up and attack body combat with minimal BS in between. SO i went in and signed up super quick which was awesome. I had both kids with me and the guy was totally understanding. Fast forward to the class…SO intense. I can honestly say I have never worked out for an hour straight let alone in a room full of 20 people with mirrors all around, but it was a blast! My one friend snuck out 15 minutes into quickly waving and saying “See you at the treadmills!” while laughing, but Amy and I stuck it out! At one point I was struggling to keep the right tempo while cracking up because the instructor had called me out for weak sidekicks… It was hilarious, but all in all I can’t wait to go back. ImagePenelope experienced the Little Bricks for the first time and while the staff was extremely sweet she is still not admitting that she is a fan. I am being met with a whole bunch of “We are not going back!” and “YOU LEFT ME!”, but I am sure with time I will love exercising and she will love Little Bricks!!!!

What’s your favorite group class at the gym if you go!? If not, do you have a favorite workout DVD??