This upcoming week…

Over the next week or so I will be changing my hosting situation. 

I beg everyone to stay patient with me through this transition. I am learning the ropes slowly, but being a visual learner and not having anyone to show me exactly how to do all of this is quite hard. 


Thank you all in advance 🙂

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Accepting Failure and Moving Forward

I totally failed a lot of my monthly challenges. I have binged on junk food on bad days, spent way too much time on Facebook, forgot to document my yoga and gratitude and totally neglected, my blog, baby.

So today I pulled the trigger and deactivated Facebook. I know that I should probably have a page for my Tastefully Simple and for this blog, but I needed to so that I could make sure to give myself the break I need especially since school is starting this week!  I would never want to lose all my pictures so I won’t totally delete forever. Although I already do feel like I am concentrating more on blog topics and spending more time with the babes.

Tonight we went to the fair and it was a blast! I even posted a picture on my Instagram of Penny riding the motorcycles. (Find me: Mommyhoodmania) We even let the kids eat the free twinkies they were giving out and I had a gigantic corn dog which I guarantee I will pay for later..but thats another blog post! HAHA Beckham won a rainbow light saber and Penelope won a purple glitter dolphin as well as claiming ownership of the inflatable hammer her dad won. I found the cutest lunch boxes at the John Deer stand that I just had to buy the kids for lunch bunch. They will be perfect for their bento boxes and cups 🙂


The cup I bought!


Beckham’s lunch bag


Penny’s Lunch Bag

All in all deleting facebook has been a great decision already!

I can’t wait for you all to read some of the blogs I have coming up including one about Emeals, Kairos Life, and another about a young adult book!

Good things are coming folks!

Feel the Burn

Lately I have made fitness my goal and pretty much my main hobby other than my TV and reading addictions hahaha These past two nights I have made sure I made it to the gym with my friend C!

Yesterday we hit up cardio for a good 30 minutes before switching over and doing Body Flow (If you aren’t sure what this is… it’s a mixture of tai chi and yoga. It involves core training, balance, yoga poses along with tai chi movements (warm up and cool downs, transitions) all in all it’s a great work out for the total body. I always feel totally relaxed when I leave flow which is amazing because it’s followed by at least a day of muscle soreness which means that I stretched it good 😉 

Tonight we went and mainly did a workout of my choosing and only 45 minutes versus the 2 hour one the night before! We hit up cardio which I decided to do at an incline tonight switching up between forward and backwards at an average speed of 4. I’d occasionally amp it up to 6 when going forward in short spurts to make sure my endurance is coming along! After cardio I switched over to hit up the stretching area so I could do the core/planking section of flow on my own. What a great work out that is for the core..I love the pain I feel when breathing hahahahahahah not. At least I know I’ll have a flat tummy at the end of it! Once C was done her cardio she met me over and we headed over to the weights where We just focused on arms before doing wall sits before we left. I still need to do my butterflies, but overall I am happy that I am sticking with this!

Tomorrow is my first day back to work in 2 days and I have to say I am kind of excited. It gets me out of the house and really mixes my day up. School is starting soon and we have that to worry about as well as the fact that BEX IS POTTY TRAINING WOOO!


That is another blog post for another day ❤

Sweet Dreams everyone!

Jenni xoxox

Day 1: #yogratitude & UNPLUGGED, But blogging every day keeps the doctor away!

Today is day one for a couple different personal challenges I am giving to myself! Today is the day that I start giving myself a daily time limit on my internet because it is time to UNPLUG! Another thing I have challenged myself to do is blog everyday in the month of August. I love blogging and I HAVE NO IDEA why I can’t seem to sit down and actually do it more often! The third thing on my list for the month of august is to do daily yoga with a group celebrating #yogratitude a combination of a daily thought of gratitude in your life along with a yoga pose. This will help me explore the many things in my life I am grateful for and should be more aware of as well as challenging my body to step beyond the abilities it thinks it is capable of. I know that my mind and body really need a great cleansing! 

      With all that said I am really excited and invigorated for the month of August. I can’t wait to get into my yoga and get ready to set myself up for a very positive future. School starts at the end of the month as well so I truly believe I will be putting myself into a position to start school with a positive mindset and in good physical shape to live a long and healthy life with my babies!

 I look forward to the future readers I will gain and of course am extremely grateful for the readers/followers who have been here through my rocky off and on blogging expedition ever since I started. I am lucky to have a great resource through MomDot among many other sites 🙂

Don’t forget to come see me….

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Facebook: Photo Bug Mama 🙂


XOXO Jenni



Completing this squat challenge over at Amanda Schissler Fitness on Facebook! Team Big Booty Squat Challenge….Hoping to win Day 1 down, too many to go haha

*Disclaimer: this is obviously not my rear. I will post before and after pictures at the end of the month. I will also be posting on the rest days about how I feel and my progress!