Fresh year, fresh start to a challenge

I plan to complete this, but in this gym this time! I will do this through classes and weights 🙂
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Color Running Late

ImageThis past weekend a group of my friends and I all went to the Color Run in Baltimore! It was a total blast! We rode the light rail down to the stadium and it wasn’t busy at all surprisingly! I guess I am just used to traveling downtown during football season and when that happens it is crazyyyyy on the light rail at all times! Once we arrived we walked to the check in got our gear and headed to a local bar named pickles to get some water [ and a drink 😉 ] This mom right here may not have been able to resist the fried pickles either!  Soon after we noticed that it was time to head on over to the race starting line and BOYYY was it packed! Much to our dismay we were pretty much the last group to start the race, but in the end it was alright because we had a fantastic time.. The only thing I was a little bummed about is the ONE water stop… I could of used some water at the end, but I didn’t see any!!!! Running through each colored section was so motivating and they were spread out just far enough to make you want to run to and through the next color! The picture of the right is of me getting up from doing a color angel in the pink dust!!!

ImageThis was also right before one of my amazing friends decided to pull a lovely prank where she screamed my name and then literally color bombed my face! It was definitely an interesting and lively race!! Took me two days to get all of the green off of me which was sprayed in some sort of liquid form and most likely the reason it just sunk in like a spray tan 😉 I can’t wait to do this every year, next time with the family!!!    I also have a new found addiction to 5k’s. This year I plan to run the Fathers Day GBMC run hopefully, the electric run, and light up the night. A runfor a cause in any case is a good run for me!!!!


Do you have any runs/walks coming up????

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Jenni @ PhotoBugMama


WOOOOOWEEE!Image I just finished my first Zumba class and I must say… What a workout!? I took the class at my local gym I just talked about joining in my  Body Combat post. 🙂 It’s a fun mix of dancing and aerobics in my opinion provides a real total body workout! Although I must say if you were a fly on the wall I probably would not look like I enjoyed it as much as I did. Picture your five year old in their first recital….. that’s what I looked like, but probably a lot more stressed and a little constipated hahahaImage No, but in all honesty some of the steps were really easy to learn while others left me turning in the wrong direction and shimmying my way right into someone else! 😉 Overall it was a blast. I am tired, but not sore (for now) or too tired to go about the rest of my night! I came home ate some dinner and fed the kids. Jared was off to poker & that left me to put the kiddos to bed and day dream about Body Flow tomorrow. Which is supposed to be a mix of thai chi, pilates, and yoga! Should be a great way to start my day and week!!! Luckily, the kids will be in pre-school so I will have time to go take a class and study for my test later tomorrow!!! 🙂

Have you ever done Zumba?! If so, DO YOU LOVE IT?! Let me know what you think!! 

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