New Years Eve at Noon

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Today we ventured out to celebrate New Years Eve at the Maryland Science Center. While I must say our intentions were amazing so where the hundreds of other people who showed up with the same exact idea. It was insanity! This probably should of been an obvious thing in hindsight because it was the extravaganza with Milkshake the band and the last day of living socials for them.

I will say though that we had a blast watching a couple songs of the band Milkshakes from our awesome stair seats when we finally found a spot. The kids all had a great time though. I took my younger brother for a belated birthday outing because he has never been to the science center and at 9 years old I found that completely crazy considering I am a nerd who loves learning.

Some of the highlights:

* The kids corner: It was awesome and super fun. very crowded today but hey what did I expect!?

*The IMAX: We chose to see the Flight of the Butterflies in 3D and we ALL loved it. My husband was totally interested as was my brother. The best part was even Bex relaxed with his 3D glasses in my lap while Penny sat in her own seat next to me. They both really enjoyed it and so did I!

*Everything is stroller accessible for the most part. I was able to wheel the stroller almost anywhere and around everything with no problem at all. No skinny walk ways or cut throughs here! I loved this considering I brought a double stroller with me and lets face it… those things are huge & ain’t nobody got time for that!

Overall we had a really good time and absolutely plan on going back in 2013 on a day that won’t be as crowded! Now tonight I will curl up in bed with a glass (or 3) of champagne and watch a movie with my hubby until the ball drops where we will share our kiss and most likely instantly fall asleep 🙂


Did you do anything special to ring in the new year???



Sorry I’ve been absent and will be for a couple more days… Both of my kiddos have bronchitis! 😦 First it hit B man [and he’s still done] then Penny starting going down today! I think a trip to one of local germ hangouts or bounce house places as they are called is the culprit because the trip was a couple days before they got sooo sick. Such a bummer because Bex has been sick since Christmas Eve so that’s how well
It went haha

Either way:
Hope everyone is doing well!! How was your Christmas??? What was your kiddos favorite gift?!

A present before the end of the world!



Those are my two kiddos with their end of the world presents… though of course we didn’t tell them that!
Let me start with the fact that my husband and I did not believe the world was going to end. [Well I know that I didn’t!] The present was the hubby’s idea though. As we sat on the stairs last night watching our kids play in front the TV with sprout playing as they chased each other in circles Jared looked at me and said “Just in case the world does end… maybe we should give them just one present.” I laughed said alright but also responded with “Well I guess, but if the world doesn’t end we are one present short.”
I then ran upstairs and opened the Zulily package we had just received and wrapped the two larger stocking stuffers I had ordered. I realized they wouldn’t have fit in the stocking anyways without squishing them so what they hey?!
The presents went off with bells and whistles. Penny danced around in circles with her Emily Efisabef (Elizabeth) doll until she crashed to go to sleep. While Beckham and his daddy played with his brontasaurus hand puppet (which is more like a large finger puppet).

Even though we are all still living and breathing as expected..
THANKFULLY… It was worth it to see how much fun they had. I think we had just as much fun watching them play with them!


Christmas means….I GET EVERYTHING

This is the tag of line of my little princess. I mean she is 3, but everything…

Every toy. Every food product. Every anything!

Penny seems to think that Santa brings you everything you want for Christmas & Santa’s main source of communication is through MWAH!. Penny will go as far as to physically move my head toward the TV screen so I can see what she would “love” for Christmas. Almost out of habit I have started just repeating back…”we’ll see”, but I have to look AT the TV while I say that or else I get a load of comments such as “YOU DIDN’T LOOK!” “HOW CAN YOU SEE WITHOUT LOOKING!!!!” “NOW I’M NOT GONNA GET ITTTT..YOU DON’t EVEN KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!” Now in my head I am thinking Of course I can see it without looking or turning my head & yes I know what it is because the commercial plays in between EVERY show! Although my princess would not get that so instead I just try to say “I’ll see it next time even though I missed it”

This year Santa is bringing some of her favorites and Bex’s as well!

Penny will be getting the Merida doll & dress along with the bow & arrow set. Some other favorites Dora pajamas and socks, as well as some tights. She is also getting tangled the movie, a furby & a carrying case (so cute).

Bex will be getting an array of Tonka, CAT, and chugging ton trucks and trains. We also got him a play guitar, chipmunks shipwrecked, some pjs and socks (Thomas the train of course!) along with a huge chuggington garage.
They will both have a selection of candy in their stockings, as well as a new fancy toothbrush and a rubber ducky (that’s actually a penguin ;))
My parents always spoil them so I know that Hess trucks, firetrucks, leap pads, and princess stuff are also in the cards for Christmas Day!

My husband vs The Smart Phone: We have a winner!

So I am sure everyone is waiting in anticipation to see whether the hubby decided to go with the “dreaded” smart phone or stick with a simple “dumb” phone…well ladies and gentleman we have a winnnerrr!



Although he didn’t cave totally and get an iPhone like I would have liked and expected him to because it was free with an upgrade. Instead he decided to go with this extra durable phone made by Casio. Its called the Casio GZone Commando! It is waterproof, shockproof, and a multitude of other stuff. The one thing it is also… A SMART PHONE. All of a sudden after a horrid 2.5 hour trip to the verizon store [Our Associate Ashley was amazing though. It’s not her fault she needs to jump through a million hoops like some kind of circus tiger.] we returned home with the phone and not two minutes later did I start hearing questions like:

“My app store isn’t connecting. Can you see why?

“How do I get Instagram?”

“What is textgram?”

“Why the hell am I getting so many emails?”

“Isn’t there any way to stop and delete them all?” [not when you have 1,000 from never checking your email & your wife has started using it for random stuff ;)]

So there you have it folks…

The smart phone always wins.


there he is Instagraming away

Mommy eats a different lunch..

Every day for lunch I make my own meal. It’s kind of like the highlight of my day. Occasionally I’ll do the fast food in which case everyone is happy, but on an ordinary day I make one meal for the kids and one for me! Why would I ever do this you ask? They’ll eat what I cook for them you think , possibly out loud!
Well it’s because I have picky kids! I would love love for them to eat my mushroom stuffed ravioli with crab and vegetable marinara, but will they? Most likely not! I have one that doesn’t eat meat ( by choice) and another who really doesn’t like vegetables! So how do we compromise on this? Fruit/vegetable juice with pasta and the occasional chicken nugget combo when I can get my little veggie head to compromise.
In the end I am happy & they are happy. I even end up with leftovers so I can have my own dinner if I want!!!