Fancy Blogger

Sooooo… As you all can see my blog is anything but fancy. I have decided that blogging is something I am really enjoying and want to pursue to along with my studies. I know it takes some money to get started, and that is okay!

What I am actually blogging out today is the fact that I need help figuring out how to do all the steps I need to in order to make myself a self proclaimed fancy blogger.

I host with wordpress and pay for a domain name, but I would like to switch to self hosting. I would also love to create/plan/design an amazing layout that I really love. Photo Bug Mama describes me, but my website does not one bit!

If any of of other bloggers have any advice, and would be willing to take the time to email/talk me through this whole process that would be great!

Thanks in advance to everyone who comments giving me any advice at all!

xoxo Jenni

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15 thoughts on “Fancy Blogger

  1. Congratulations on your site! My advice? Hire someone to design a site that you love. There are also some wonderful websites that provide tools to help you get started with online courses that are very beneficial. Have you looked into Top Mom Blogger? I also love Blogging Your Passion University because it is inexpensive, you work at your own pace and it’s in VIDEO format. Something I desperately need. πŸ™‚ I really don’t retain things if I only read them. I have a post (w/ an affiliate link) that sums up what the program is all about: I’ve taken 2 & 3- they were extremely helpful.

    Another bit of advice- write about what you love. Blogging can be overwhelming and hard work. Make sure you are writing about something you love and are passionate about to carry you over when you feel like giving up.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. thetravelingpraters at gmail dot com.

  2. I agree with the above post. You should hire someone to get it where you want it. I didnt pay much for mine, I think $99 in all? I love being self hosted and able to go in and do whatever I want to my site.

  3. Ask for help each time you need it. Don’t spend hours and hours trying to figure it out when there’s a great group of Momdotters ready to help with tips, recommendations, whatever we can do.

  4. Kimberly is right ask and people are willing to answer and share their knowledge. I don’t know about hiring someone I did mine on my own but I spent 15+ years in the I.T. field and had done websites before so I just ran with it on my own. One thing I would suggest though is get your SEO squared away from the get go. I switched form WordPress with my own domain to self-hosted on GoDaddy and now I am having to go back and try to fix everything that I never bothered with when this was just a hobby and nothing else.

  5. Can I just “amen” everything that’s already been said? Go in baby steps if you need to. Switch to a self-hosted blog and use a template while you save for a site design. If you need advice on where to host, definitely tap into the minds of other MomDotters. We use a lot of hosts between us!

  6. Yes, if you know nothing about coding a website then definitely hire someone to get the design you want. Also, self-hosted is absolutely the best way to go. So basically, I sixth or seventh or whatever everything that’s already been said ha! You’ll get there!


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