Weather, Work & Classes winding down…

Today is one of those days where I juggle homework, real work, and my family.

Classes this semester are winding down, which means most of my big projects are due. Luckily, my internship has finished for the semester so that means a little bit less stress. I would say that I’m not stressed out at all, but that would be a bold face lie! I am literally going crazy hoping I finish this stuff in time. I think I am stressing, because I always put the kids needs first before my homework. I know they feel the absence when I am at school. The result is me spending my weekends smothering them with attention instead of smothering my school work with attention. Yesterday, Penny and I even snuck in a Build a Bear trip to get her bear surgery and a new dress. I mean we all made gingerbread houses before my work shift.

My work shift starts at five and I plan to be there until around 10 or 11pm. That is unless this storm that’s coming our way doesn’t totally kill the business. For the sake of Christmas, I am really hoping I can get at least 5 tables before the ice sets in. The only plus to the fact that power may be out would be that people would most likely come out to eat. Padonia Ale House where I work is actually only a couple minutes walking distance from a ton of apartments and townhouses so when it snows, the people come out to drink and eat. This is a very good thing for me tonight and tomorrow night. 

As far as the weather forecast for Maryland, I always check in with Foots Forecast. This is the update they have on their webpage this morning: “

TIMING & PRECIP TYPE: Start time will may be as early as 9 AM for some, but generally will be from 11 AM-3 PM for this region from south to north. Precipitation will initially be in the form of snow mixed with sleet. 
  • The transition to freezing rain will be from south to north as well beginning in the mid afternoon and covering most of the region by the evening. Finally the transition from freezing rain to plain rain will occur when surface temperatures break the freezing mark, occurring from SE to NW. 
  • I-95 and Metros: Coating-2” of snow/sleet, followed by a glaze-0.2” of ice
  • NW Suburbs & rural areas: 1-3” of snow/sleet followed by 0.2”-0.4” of ice “

If you want to know more about the weather and live in Maryland, head on over and check that forecast out! 🙂


So although I’d love to sit around and blog, I have to get up and get going on an Inquiry Project along with some Language and LIteracy INTASC papers with artifacts. This means a total of 4-6 hours of work within the next 2 days, not including my studying for finals…ahhh..

Wish me luck!!


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