Rodgers Farm

Today we had the pre school field trip to Rodgers Farm! Jared took off work and I took my sick day from school naughty naughty I know but we had a great time.
The tour started off by looking at all different types of pumpkins. After this we had the chance to look at the animals they have which happened to be sheep, cows, pigs, hens, & a turkey. The kids all pointed and laughed smiling while taking in all the different facts we were given about the animals.
“Mooo!” You’d hear just before an “ewww!!! Poooop!”
After the animals we had the chance to ride on a hayride around the pumpkin patch. The kids all lined around the edges of the wagon looking with wide eyes as they went bum-pity, bump with the wagon.
The wagon came to a halt and we all filed off into the pumpkin field to choose our pumpkins! Big ones, small ones, crushed ones all around us… Penelope and Beckham both chose decent sized pumpkin big enough for their mr & mars potato head pumpkin kits 🙂

Once the tour was finished the kids had a blast playing all around their mini mazes and corn pits!





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