the clothes battle among others

The clothes battle is one I just don’t fight with the babes. It’s simply me choosing to pick my battles. I mean if her outfit doesn’t match or she has dress ups on, who is it really hurting? no one.
Although recently her reasons for not wanting to wear stuff makes me sad. Only because I realize she’s getting older and P is just one step closer to analyzing what she wears everyday for ever. I know that already she feels the pressure of people wanting to be her friend and like her. It makes me think Is this something that’s engrained in us? To care about what others think about who we are or what we wear I certainly hope she knows that no matter what she wears or does I will always think she’s my princess P! The same thing goes for Bex who still willingly goes along with my outfit choices for him although when it comes to his plates and utensils that’s a whole other blog post!

This was Penelope’s toddleteen meltdown reason today:
“Mommmmm *wailing with tears* This is sooooo plain! All my friends will have people and pretty stuff on their clothes!” She said pulling at her purple sweat shirt.
Oh man. She is 4! Four!
I’m in for it when she’s a teenager..
I think just about every day during her toddleteen meltdowns.
What’s a toddleteen meltdown you ask?
I have noticed as I’ve gotten older that teenage girls and toddler have pretty much the same exact meltdowns. Sure the reason they are upset is probably a little more complex, but the mood changes, yelling, body language, and crying are all the same. It makes me laugh every time I think about my teenage meltdowns compared to Penelope’s.

What are your toddler battles?? Or daily battles with yourself? Cheat meals? No yoga? Can’t balance school or work or both along with kids?! I understand keep reading my entries to see how I juggle it all! Tomorrow I’ll let you know how my freezer meal workshop went along with a little sneak peak into a giveaway and review!!

I’ll leave you with this picture of Her final outfit choice today.




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