Comfort Food & Fire place time is around the corner…

So my favorite season ever is here and that season is FALL!


I am even more excited, because has a new bonus menu when you sign up that’s all about comfort food.. I can’t wait to cook some of these amazing options up for the hubby. He absolutely loves comfort food and I love making him happy most of the time haha has things listed like a French dip sandwich, shrimp and grits, chicken pot pie, and pizza casserole on this delicious menu. I personally can’t wait to try both of them that I jumped the gun blogging about it because I don’t have any pictures yet!!! I will absolutely write a follow up post after I make these because I know they will both be house favorites!
I also have this amazing coupon code for everyone of my readers! Just use the code OCTOBER to get 10% off of your subscription to

Don’t wait for my pictures to show you how awesome is…Go check it out for yourself with your new discount code!!!


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