Time flies right by me..

Time flies right by me and in the blink of an eye my day is over. 50% of the stuff I told myself I would do is now null and void as I lay in bed pondering how I could somehow cram more hours into a day. Even today as I sit hear listening to the sound of my fingers hitting the computer keys making a somewhat dull tapping sound I can’t help, but think about all of the homework I somehow need to fit into my day along with my job and my children. How do I even start to mix all of these things you ask?

Well for starters I balance my time or try to. This blog sometimes comes last and although that makes me said I have to put something on the back burner in life in order to make room for the important stuff like my babes and the hubby as well as school. I have been working on a narrative paper the past couple days detailing Penelope’s Birth Story or a shortened version of it considering it has to be under 1500 words. Tonight I will go over the most recent draft I have, finish it off, and then I will turn it in tomorrow only to start working on an informational paper for the same class. I also am taking Childrens Lit, a Language and Literacy Internship, as well a Teaching ESL class. Of course, I love all of my classes because they have to deal with teaching which is a passion that I can’t wait to live out everyday, but the work load is crazy! I find that I do my homework on the weekends for the most part.

I make my meals during the morning or afternoon in free time as they are always planned out thanks to eMeals! I love everything about having the easy dinner plans along with all of the directions and grocery list all in one! Today for instance while going over one of the many Library Thing entries I have to enter for our class, I prepared a wonderful pasta dish that eMeals had on the menu for me this week. It was nothing like anything my husband normally eats, but he loved it! My kids even enjoyed the noodles minus the peppers and onions I had thrown it. Absolutely delicious overall! Tonight I will go to work waiting tables, bringing my textbook in toe for the slow periods so that I can read my little heart away!

Luckily I still have my Little Bricks job at Padonia Brick Bodies which allows me to bring both of the babes along to all of my shifts 🙂 This is one of the major perks along with the fact that I can work out at an awesome gym in my spare time. What SPARE TIME YOU ASK?! After work on Wednesdays I like to run and take a class or two! I am training for the Light The Night 5k in honor of a little girl I never had the pleasure of meeting, because she was taken from us too soon.  I can’t wait to kick that races ass in her honor. 

If this was hard to follow I am sorry, but Thanks for letting me check in with you all!!!

I will have a fun eMeals only post coming up soon this week on Thursday so check back in.

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