Accepting Failure and Moving Forward

I totally failed a lot of my monthly challenges. I have binged on junk food on bad days, spent way too much time on Facebook, forgot to document my yoga and gratitude and totally neglected, my blog, baby.

So today I pulled the trigger and deactivated Facebook. I know that I should probably have a page for my Tastefully Simple and for this blog, but I needed to so that I could make sure to give myself the break I need especially since school is starting this week!  I would never want to lose all my pictures so I won’t totally delete forever. Although I already do feel like I am concentrating more on blog topics and spending more time with the babes.

Tonight we went to the fair and it was a blast! I even posted a picture on my Instagram of Penny riding the motorcycles. (Find me: Mommyhoodmania) We even let the kids eat the free twinkies they were giving out and I had a gigantic corn dog which I guarantee I will pay for later..but thats another blog post! HAHA Beckham won a rainbow light saber and Penelope won a purple glitter dolphin as well as claiming ownership of the inflatable hammer her dad won. I found the cutest lunch boxes at the John Deer stand that I just had to buy the kids for lunch bunch. They will be perfect for their bento boxes and cups 🙂


The cup I bought!


Beckham’s lunch bag


Penny’s Lunch Bag

All in all deleting facebook has been a great decision already!

I can’t wait for you all to read some of the blogs I have coming up including one about Emeals, Kairos Life, and another about a young adult book!

Good things are coming folks!


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