Feel the Burn

Lately I have made fitness my goal and pretty much my main hobby other than my TV and reading addictions hahaha These past two nights I have made sure I made it to the gym with my friend C!

Yesterday we hit up cardio for a good 30 minutes before switching over and doing Body Flow (If you aren’t sure what this is… it’s a mixture of tai chi and yoga. It involves core training, balance, yoga poses along with tai chi movements (warm up and cool downs, transitions) all in all it’s a great work out for the total body. I always feel totally relaxed when I leave flow which is amazing because it’s followed by at least a day of muscle soreness which means that I stretched it good 😉 

Tonight we went and mainly did a workout of my choosing and only 45 minutes versus the 2 hour one the night before! We hit up cardio which I decided to do at an incline tonight switching up between forward and backwards at an average speed of 4. I’d occasionally amp it up to 6 when going forward in short spurts to make sure my endurance is coming along! After cardio I switched over to hit up the stretching area so I could do the core/planking section of flow on my own. What a great work out that is for the core..I love the pain I feel when breathing hahahahahahah not. At least I know I’ll have a flat tummy at the end of it! Once C was done her cardio she met me over and we headed over to the weights where We just focused on arms before doing wall sits before we left. I still need to do my butterflies, but overall I am happy that I am sticking with this!

Tomorrow is my first day back to work in 2 days and I have to say I am kind of excited. It gets me out of the house and really mixes my day up. School is starting soon and we have that to worry about as well as the fact that BEX IS POTTY TRAINING WOOO!


That is another blog post for another day ❤

Sweet Dreams everyone!

Jenni xoxox


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