Food Hangovers BLeGH

Once again this mama is up early and no not because of the kids… It’s because of a food hangover!!! Ughhh I call what I am feeling a food hangover because every time I eat something that’s unhealthy I wake up the next morning really early with a horrible stomach ache and feel in a haze! I always think you should of just gone out said eff that nartsy food and had a bunch of drinks! Plus I’d burn off those calories dancing my ass off!
But no… I went to Friendly’s and ate something they call a Chicken Chipotle Ranch sandwich and then a “2 scoop” that was really one black raspberry with chocolate chip ice cream…. At least I drank water total sarcasm hahahah
So this morning I will reaffirm my desire to eat healthy and live a long life, ill do some yoga, and I’ll just unplug! So on that note I’m off to eat some blueberries and watch project runway until everyone wakes up or until I leave for work



One thought on “Food Hangovers BLeGH


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