Plugged In, Tuned Out

As a mom who is self admittedly addicted to technology I have recently realize that being plugged in usually tunes others out. This doesn’t mean I think every parent whose plugged in is tuning out, but I notice that I do it myself!

 I mean think about it.. I have a twitter: pennybex, an instagram: mommyhoodmania, a pinterest: photobugmama, a facebook for myself and for photo bug mama… this boils down to a shit ton of media all up in my business all the time. 

My challenge to myself for the month of August coming up is to dedicate two hours to the blog and my other media a day along with however many hours I need for homework after the babes are in preschool or have gone to bed !!!


of scheduling in advance blog topics, practicing time management, and self discipline!

I am hoping  that in the end my blog will be better functioning,

my babes will be happier, my school work will be done more efficiently,

and my gym schedule will even out in a regular patter with work.

Like this idea? Put yourself on a two hour social media cap for the month of August with me! 

Every Monday in August I will blog about how my Plugged In, Tuned Out challenge for myself is going 🙂



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