Oh my darling, Clementine


This past weekend , Jar, surprised me with a trip to a restaurant I have been dying to go to, Clementine. We absolutely LOVED it! I say this with such exclamation, because my husband is an extremely picky eater & he was blown away. Jar, the super serious man, was smiling and giggling over macaroni and cheese that he claimed was “the best he’s ever had”. When we arrived we parked across the street behind the local drugstore and walked over. We had reservations, but arrived a couple minutes early. I expected to wait but we were seated right away at a small little wood two top table. It was so cute and I really enjoyed the decor.20130523-122624.jpg
The picture on the right is the meat fridge that was located directly behind our table! It was really cool to se all the meats especially because they are a farm to table type of restaurant with a note in the menu to be patient with them because everything is cooked to order fresh. Everything we drank was fantastic. Jar drank a small batch bourbon that was amazing while I stuck with a glass of cava and water. They even give you some fresh bread and butter to start you off while you wait to order which is fantastic in my opinion! The bourbon was so smooth that while it’s not my typical choice of drink I was almost tempted to order one for myself. If you really took the time and tasted it you could actually taste the maple and the other individual elements… delicious! Our waitress was absolutely fantastic and I am really sad because she shared that she was actually moving to Oregon for an amazing opportunity, but she really did give exceptional service the whole time! For appetizers we tried the mac n cheese and the duck nachos. 20130523-122616.jpg I thought both were phenomenal. I do wish the nachos had a little bit more meat and a little less sauce, but not enough that it would stop me from ordering them again. After those we moved onto dinner which Jar chose the bacon wrapped meatloaf and I chose the steak with the mash and arugula which were both excellent! We would absolutely go back and plan on it. I can’t wait to go back and try something new considering they change their menu every day! Tell me that isn’t cool… forget specials every day is a special. The other plus…totally family friendly! They have a different side which they use for families I noticed that kind of gave a nice vibe for people who didn’t have children and a comfortable environment for people who did! I left with a non food coma satisfied stomach and a nice to go box that I enjoyed the next day. We saved some of the mac n cheese for the kids and penny wasn’t a huge fan, but lucky for Bex, because he devoured it! Overall…..



6 thoughts on “Oh my darling, Clementine

    • Yeah we have 2 young ones and its hard to get out, but recently we have made the time to have time with each other as well as the kids. We try for once every other week.. even if its just going out and driving around the peace and quiet with each other is amazing


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