Work work Work

I work the weekends, but it feels like the weekends work me. I waitress usually Friday night, Saturday night, an Sunday morning. This leaves me clinging on hopes of sleep and running on empty for Monday! Gives someones got a case of the Mondays a whole new meaning! This week I have decided to take Sunday off which makes me sad because I love working my brunch shift. People are just usually in a better mood on Sunday Mornings of they are out to eat. If you are second guessing this, you probably haven’t served food before or have amazing customers Unfortunately it’s final time though so my next two – three weeks will look exactly like my weekends. I will be a mad mad studying machine who happens to take breaks to be a working mom machine.
I think to myself sometimes that I really am not juggling too much, but then I realize I also have two babes and a hubby to take care of on top of my other stuff.
This morning though, it’s time to let loose!!! I’m taking both children over to my friends house who has a little boy and a bounce house!!!!
It’s party time people!

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