No More Cloud of Smoke

Over the past week I have been working on a goal. I told everyone I was going to quit smoking May 1st since I only smoke cigarettes occasionally..
The thing is I decided on Monday that it was the day to finally put down the cancer sticks. I have to say it’s been a roller coaster of emotion as the week has gone by.
Monday I was going cray! I chewed gummed, gained road rage, and unmercifully freaked on a couple of people. Luckily, people love me & understand!
Tuesday, pretty much the same as Monday, but worse hahaha More road rage, more gum, a lot of chocolate, and some red bull.
Wednesday, felt alright. Had to go to a gas station, but I fought the urge & made it through. Truly a hump day!
Thursday, was easy. Which I didn’t expect, but it came & went before I realized it.
Now here we are and it’s Friday! I have not have a cigarette in days. I am working out on a regular basis. & Today I am cleaning my house (with assistance from an awesome woman)…. Get ready world because I am pretty sure hell is freezing over!

I feel GREAT! Now I just have to get my husband to quit! HA!

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2 thoughts on “No More Cloud of Smoke

  1. Good for you! I wish my parents would stop. Even being in the room with them tends to make me sick. I’m happy you’re making a change in your life for the better! 🙂


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