WOOOOOWEEE!Image I just finished my first Zumba class and I must say… What a workout!? I took the class at my local gym I just talked about joining in my  Body Combat post. 🙂 It’s a fun mix of dancing and aerobics in my opinion provides a real total body workout! Although I must say if you were a fly on the wall I probably would not look like I enjoyed it as much as I did. Picture your five year old in their first recital….. that’s what I looked like, but probably a lot more stressed and a little constipated hahahaImage No, but in all honesty some of the steps were really easy to learn while others left me turning in the wrong direction and shimmying my way right into someone else! 😉 Overall it was a blast. I am tired, but not sore (for now) or too tired to go about the rest of my night! I came home ate some dinner and fed the kids. Jared was off to poker & that left me to put the kiddos to bed and day dream about Body Flow tomorrow. Which is supposed to be a mix of thai chi, pilates, and yoga! Should be a great way to start my day and week!!! Luckily, the kids will be in pre-school so I will have time to go take a class and study for my test later tomorrow!!! 🙂

Have you ever done Zumba?! If so, DO YOU LOVE IT?! Let me know what you think!! 

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