Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I am so happy to be participating in something as fun as this! The Ultimate Blog Party is amazing for myself because the cost of traveling is way too much for a young mom with two young ones to even think about!

My name is Jennifer although everyone pretty much calls me Jenni or Mama!


I am 25 years young and currently live close to Baltimore, MD. I attend school full time at a local community college for my A.A.T in Early childhood and I also work part time on the weekends usually pulling night shifts on Friday and Saturday with a brunch shift on Sundays! I am lucky enough to have a waitressing job that is super flexible with my hours and understanding of all the stuff I have on my plate 🙂 I have been married for going on 4 years and we have had our ups and downs, but in the end family and our two children are all that matters! We were married young and plan on making it for the long haul. 🙂



Beckham is my youngest and he’s my mamas boy. He loves me and is very vocal about the fact that he feels that I need to be around 24/7! He is fun loving though and an absolute dare devil! Bex as we like to call him is a complete mini me visually of his dad, but with my personality!

Penelope, who insists on being called Penny, is my oldest and she is an absolute princess with a tom boy attitude. Penny isn’t afraid to get dirty, but isn’t the bravest little one & that’s all right with me {I don’t think my heart could handle two fearless babes} She is the one who looks the most like me, but with her dads personality. Very stubborn for the most part, but extremely intelligent and 90% on all the height and weight charts!

Some things you may see in this blog:

*giveaways/ product reviews although not too many as I am still new to this!

*a lot of ranting and story telling about being a mom of two!

*tons of pictures! Throwback Thursday & Fashion Friday will most likely become a regular thing as it’s only acceptable to post a certain number of pictures of your kids clothing 😉

5 final facts that you may like to know about me:

– I LOVE to read and pretty much anything except sci-fi.

– I feel that MUSIC is FOOD for the SOUL!

– I am way more into crunchy and attachment parenting styles than any others.

– I have recently gotten into fitness and love eating healthy especially because my little princess prefers to not eat meat!

– I one day want to travel the world with my family. My goal is to do everywhere in the U.S. before they graduate high school!

I look forward to meeting tons of new bloggers and friends around the world =)


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