Sweetest Place on Earth or in our casee…

This past weekend for Easter our family went and celebrated at Hershey Park. This is something that my family has done for the past two years and we really love it. Springtime at the park is usually amazing! This year it was a little cold, but the children loved it nonetheless! The truth is we all made the best out of the weekend even though it seemed like our group was going down one by one. It all started with the hubby being sick and coughing. Then it seemed as if his cough and nausea triggered this rash all over Penelope’s face, and then I felt as if I was getting a sinus infection! The only person who really escaped the trip without any sickness is Bex! Which is ironic because he is usually the only sick one. When we got home we all got checked out acute bronchitis, sinus infection, and an allergic reaction to God knows what for the Penmiester. Thank Goodness for the hotel we stayed at.. Hampton Inn & Suites. We stayed in a king suite and it was very nice. We had two rooms essentially one a little bit smaller than the other with a door separating them. This ended up being awesome with a sick husband and crazy hyped on sugar little ones hahah The bathroom was huge and the bed & comforter were extremely comfortable. They had a complimentary breakfast buffet with everything from cereal to hard boiled eggs to waffles. I even had a chance to work out in their exercise room and I was jealous it wasn’t in my home! I ran 3 miles while watching sports center and jamming to taylor swift without even realizing it! The kids even had an awesome easter egg hunt for breakfast on Sunday morning =] It was a shame for my kids because they were filled with two candies like bubble yum and those hard gummy cubes, but they still had a great time!We will definitely be staying here again next year for the weekend!

In the end though you would of never even knew that any of us were sick because we went through that park like troopers. We actually made it to the park Friday and Saturday before going to Chocolate world on Sunday! The whole family had so much fun just watching the kids go on rides. Jared and I didn’t actually ride anything except for the occasional merry go round or himalaya with the babes. They just absolutely loved all the mini rides they have for kids… Mini scrambler, mini carousel, mini swings, mini himilaya! It was just so awesome to really feel the kids had a great selection of rides to choose from. I actually have one day of a ticket left for all of us so we will be heading down April 12 or 13 to have a fantastic experience! 🙂

Look forward to pictures soon in a photo post!!





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