P90X & PBJ’s

Tomorrow is the fire day I will be starting P90x… wish me luck! I say that because this is the first physically strenuous thing I have had to do that deals with anything exercise related. In a way I am doing it to tone my body and another reason is that I have the Color Run in May. My goal for the color run is to not walk any of it! This is 3 miles…. Everyone around me thinks I am crazy and I am here feeling like I should be on that MTV show MADE. I have a feeling I will look like one of those people puking up liters of water after a workout that makes me feel somewhat like death. So to prepare for today I am drinking tons of water. I opened at my job today so thats in at 9 after making breakfast for the kiddos and getting ready in my nice fancy uniform that makes me looks like a mix between a dude and someone on broadway. Which I am completely fine with as long as someone hands me a cane and I can side step my way across the room with a cheesy smile on my face!  I just got home figured I’d show my blog a little TLC and then get ready for dinner with the family. I have a feeling I’ll be cooking my usual 2 meal routine (see this post) Although tonight is a PBJ kind of dinner night with a wonderful side of grapes and some other fruit or veggie that I’ll decide upon when I look into my fridge 🙂




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