Wonderful WeekendWeather



This weekend we took some time to enjoy the wonderful weather that headed our way in Maryland. We started off with a trip to the zoo! It was a blast considering it was around 60 degrees outside. For our whole family to get in it’s about $73 and thats before my sisters ticket so we decided to get a membership. I also added my sister Caroline onto the membership because she is 16 and trying to get in shape. So now we have a free activity that encourages walking and getting outside to do all summer! It will pretty much be the savior to my summer. That and the pool membership that we have to the club across the street that is absolutely wonderful!!!




This is my little piggy up there! and Below are some pictures from our second adventure of the weekend. On sunday after I opened at my job we traveled to a local bar/grille High Topps the only disappointing thing we encountered was the huge awesome pirate ship that used to adorn the sand pit as well as the slides was now gone. Apparently only the slides are staying and now they will extend the patio. Lets hope it goes to more family friendly seating since they took away the kids favorite attraction. It was a blast and the kids loved getting outside. We got there a little late in the afternoon so it was a little chilly but that’s nothing that a few jackets can’t fix!!!




Even with work and school I can still find the time to do amazing things and make memories with my babies!!!




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