Eating & exercise … Who has time for that?!

So ever since this year started I have been looking at what I eat a little more and I have been making an effort to work out anywhere from 3-7 days a week. Right now I am also doing school Monday through Thursday and work Friday through Sunday. So on my down time I exercise lol I gave up fast food with 99.8% positive results. I have even been able to turn down McDonald’s fries when offered or if the hubby gets some…. As long as I resist the fatty food my stomach is a lot better ( I have IBS) although how I felt wasn’t what made me stop eating junk, how I feel now is what keeps me going. My next goal is the color run fun fun fun we are doing it in Baltimore!! My goal is to jog/run the entire 5k considering it’s my first I am soo pumped!!! I will start to work on even more cardio this week as I got a jump rope and my next two investments are hula hoops & a skip it 😉 Hopefully they still make those!

60 day progress pictures although the first 30 days I slacked on exercising…





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