Super Mom? More like Super Tired!

Ever since I started school I feel as if I am a walking zombie. I know to some it may not be much but school 4 days a week, work 3 nights a week, PTA, Cookie Lee, being a MOM, and then being a wife on top of it is just totally draining in my opinion. 

I  always love being busy but recently it’s just insane! As I sit here at 9 pm on a Tuesday night watching my iphone software update while studying and watching my corny ABC family shows (YES I am actually attempting to do all three..) I realize even more that I love my downtime but I also love that I am finally doing something to move myself forward. I have always wanted to be able to have my own independent accomplishments to fall back on and soon I will have a Degree which is the first step. The first step in a positive direction to a better future for me and my babes. 

Speaking of the babes they have been going through these lovely phasing of rebellion lately. We are really working on curbing Penny’s screaming which she does for fun, anger, sadness, pretty much any emotion triggers her to scream in all sorts of pitches.. it’s wonderful in a fourth circle of hell kind of way. Bex is doing pretty well. Other than the antagonizing his sister in any way that he can he’s awesome. He is talking more and more every day along with really working on his counting which makes me happy. they have even slept in their own beds for most of the night all week. I started this mainly so I could get some study time with the lights on so I don’t have to strain my eyeballs all the time. That is the one main positive of them in their own beds, other than all the alone time, space to move and let’s not forget this means I don’t get kicked in the ribs and face all night long from 5 different directions 😀

Our annual PTA fundraiser is coming up and it will be a silent auction as per usual. This I am excited about because it is a great time where even the husbands love spending money. I mean hey put an item on a table, slap a price on, throw in a little bidding competition and the men are having a blast. Don’t even get me started on the women. We are having a blast as well after all it is shopping at a BYOB auction. Money and Booze.. Does it get any better?? 😉 I am hoping as the Vice President that we bring in more this year than past years but this means that I really need to go into soliciting overdrive!!! 

With all this talk about all the stuff I need to do it reminds me just that…. I have stuff to do 😦 Well I am off to study the brain and language development… Wish me luck on my test tomorrow!



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