Ravens Day Parade Pandemonium


Today in Baltimore was the Raven’s Super bowl parade. For some people this meant waking up around 8 or even 9 and preparing to start pre-gaming, getting dressed, arranging rides or whatever they needed to do to place them in Baltimore City when that parade started. For others it meant waking up as if it was any other day to go about their normal routine, but with a sense of sadness because we are missing something so monumental that some may only see this once in their lifetime. I personally have been fortunate enough to have been alive for both of the Ravens super bowl wins, but I have yet to be at one of the fantastic parades they throw. Today my husband and I got up as if were any other day (except we put on our purple) and headed about our days because we are “adults”. Now this probably didn’t stop some from calling in “sick” or having “family emergencies” , but it did stop this girl from missing her one day in her second week of classes back to school. I had to strap on my big girl panties, control my little inner child “I don’t want to go to school” feelings and go. I fought through the urges that came when the calls from my siblings begging me to take them and the texts from friends saying skip that class! Even though I honestly felt like I would be one of the few people actually in class, but I wasn’t

I will live vicariously through all my friends who did say F the man! and went to the parade, but this girl right here sat her bum right in the one place it needed to be the most and got my education on.



SEND THEM IN… mommyhoodmania@gmail.com

& Hopefully I can make a huge picture post tomorrow showing the PURPLE PRIDE that painted this city today!!!



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