Rowdy Robot Time

Now if you know me you know that my two little ones are absolutely insane. In the past couple days I have found one thing that can get them to do basically anything I want. The best part… THEY DO IT WILLINGLY!!! 

This. is. huge. 

I have spent the past month trying to figure out what kind of disciplinarian I want to be. I always said I’d be the laid back one, but so far that has done me NO good. My two adorable little angels are turning into those kids your friends talk about. While some things they do are extremely cute like yelling “peekaboo” at the table behind us in a restaurant , but some things are extremely NOT cute like their lovely new habit of shrieking while screaming Noooo! (Of course while maintaining solid eye contact as if to show you, the parent, that they mean business!!)

My new trick:

Talking like a robot!

The minute I see chaos starting to erupt I kick on that switch and the robot voice goes into gear… I must say the reaction is phenomenal!

Picture it: a 2 year boy and a 3 year old girl fighting, kicking, screaming “NOOOO BEDTIME! I’M NOT TIRED!!!!!!” The normal routine would be “But its bedtime. We need to go upstairs and get ready.” “Now i mean it..BED TIME” “Get up off the floor! Stop going all wet noodle on me! Stop yelling at mommy!” I’m sure you can imagine.

But the new routinee…. “I am the ro-bot -mom-my. I am go-ing to -get -you. It – is -bed-time. -ro-bot-s- lo-ve -sle-ep” This is followed by hysterical laughs and two lovely little children running as fast as they can towards the bed.


 &This my friends is magic.


What are your tricks?! Do you have any things that stop your rowdy little ones in their tracks and get them to listen??? If so….PLEASE SHARE =) We are always looking for new tips & ideas.



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