Over the past couples months I’ve had the amazing opportunity of using Emeals. It is a menu planning service online that can do breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of options on the food you usually tend to cook. My family is currently using the Classic Family Plan for Walmart because I really like having the itemized lists that come with the menu for the week. I also only have dinner at the moment because that’s pretty much the only meal we really sit down and attempt to eat the same thing (see my post about two different meals) Even if we see a meal we don’t really care for we take the idea and turn around into something awesome. Subsitutions are possible and that makes my life amazing!!!!


Nothing about this site could be easier. Every menu gets emailed directly to me once a week on the same day so I always know when its coming. Even better for me; I get access everything from my iphone & I’m not talking about some half ass mobile version we all love to hate. The menus are right there and ready to download. Everything pops up clear as day and doesn’t take 5 years to load. 

Yesterday I used an old recipe from a Clean Eating version I was receiving after a few tweaks because the store didn’t have ground lamb, I ended up with these amazing turkey burgers. Added a little garlic mayo and viola!!! Then I used one of my classic slow cooker menu options to make a chuck roast  with greek seasoned potatoes and mmmm. Plus the best part is the week also calls for French dip sandwiches using the left over chuck roast!! I will fix those up tonight on some nice french rolls, top it with mozzerella while use the leftover potatoes and some chips for sides!

So my recommendation….


It is amazing!



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