My Love Affair with Sweatpants


Ever since my teen years I have been in love with sweatpants. I am not exactly sure why I love them the way I do, but the love is there! Judging by the picture above you’d think by looking at me one of two things…

“Wow! That girl is sporty.”   or

“Wow! That girl is too lazy to get dressed.”

The funniest thing is that neither of those statements would be true. I am not sporty and I am not lazy when it comes to dressing. I actually change out of my pajamas and into my sweatpants. The other awful habit I have… Changing into “real clothes” to leave the house then the minute my feet touch my hardwood floors again I’m running back upstairs to shove my legs so happily into their second home. 

I have yet to find a pair of any sweatpants I do not like. The only downfalls are common. This means that almost every pair of sweats I’ve owned have had these issues.

Number one would be the NASSATAL. [NoAssAtALL] Exhibit A below would be what I look like from behind in my favorite sweatpants that I feel SOOOO sexy in….until I look in the mirror 😉

ImageNumber 2 is more of general problem. They look sloppy. Unfortunately in my mind there is no way that I could convince myself, let alone a room full of people, that sweat pants looked put together, awesome, and amazing (like they really are). The only way sweats outside of the house are acceptable would be if they were for work out purposes, but yet again… they usually aren’t mainly because we have millions of brands of clothing made just for exercising. 

In 2013 I am promising myself. That my love affair must become just that… an affair. I will no longer allow my sweatpants to be my one and only. I will make they become the other love in my life second to well put together chic outfits. Let’s hope they don’t get too jealous 😉

Heres to more of this: Image& less of this:Image




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