A present before the end of the world!



Those are my two kiddos with their end of the world presents… though of course we didn’t tell them that!
Let me start with the fact that my husband and I did not believe the world was going to end. [Well I know that I didn’t!] The present was the hubby’s idea though. As we sat on the stairs last night watching our kids play in front the TV with sprout playing as they chased each other in circles Jared looked at me and said “Just in case the world does end… maybe we should give them just one present.” I laughed said alright but also responded with “Well I guess, but if the world doesn’t end we are one present short.”
I then ran upstairs and opened the Zulily package we had just received and wrapped the two larger stocking stuffers I had ordered. I realized they wouldn’t have fit in the stocking anyways without squishing them so what they hey?!
The presents went off with bells and whistles. Penny danced around in circles with her Emily Efisabef (Elizabeth) doll until she crashed to go to sleep. While Beckham and his daddy played with his brontasaurus hand puppet (which is more like a large finger puppet).

Even though we are all still living and breathing as expected..
THANKFULLY… It was worth it to see how much fun they had. I think we had just as much fun watching them play with them!




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