Christmas means….I GET EVERYTHING

This is the tag of line of my little princess. I mean she is 3, but everything…

Every toy. Every food product. Every anything!

Penny seems to think that Santa brings you everything you want for Christmas & Santa’s main source of communication is through MWAH!. Penny will go as far as to physically move my head toward the TV screen so I can see what she would “love” for Christmas. Almost out of habit I have started just repeating back…”we’ll see”, but I have to look AT the TV while I say that or else I get a load of comments such as “YOU DIDN’T LOOK!” “HOW CAN YOU SEE WITHOUT LOOKING!!!!” “NOW I’M NOT GONNA GET ITTTT..YOU DON’t EVEN KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!” Now in my head I am thinking Of course I can see it without looking or turning my head & yes I know what it is because the commercial plays in between EVERY show! Although my princess would not get that so instead I just try to say “I’ll see it next time even though I missed it”

This year Santa is bringing some of her favorites and Bex’s as well!

Penny will be getting the Merida doll & dress along with the bow & arrow set. Some other favorites Dora pajamas and socks, as well as some tights. She is also getting tangled the movie, a furby & a carrying case (so cute).

Bex will be getting an array of Tonka, CAT, and chugging ton trucks and trains. We also got him a play guitar, chipmunks shipwrecked, some pjs and socks (Thomas the train of course!) along with a huge chuggington garage.
They will both have a selection of candy in their stockings, as well as a new fancy toothbrush and a rubber ducky (that’s actually a penguin ;))
My parents always spoil them so I know that Hess trucks, firetrucks, leap pads, and princess stuff are also in the cards for Christmas Day!



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