Nation in Silence: Newtown

On a day like today you have no other option…

You hug your kids tighter. You cry tears for the families of the ones who were lost. You think about all the horrible possibilities. What if? How? Why?

There is NO reason why. No reason why this should of happened. No reason all these people lost their lives today. No reason we have 20 dead children. 20 angels taken from us way before there time. Then there’s the 6 adults *not including the killer. he will NEVER count* How do we grieve for all these families?!

I am so thankful to be able to hug my babies, yet so sad for all these families. No one ever expects to send their little ones off to school only to be taken so tragically. 10 days til Christmas.

No ones life should ever be the same after today. Even if your child or mother or sister or brother wasn’t a victim let this change you for the better. CHERISH YOUR LOVED ONES. Don’t take anything for granted. Not one kiss. Not a hug.

Innocence was taken from too many today.



May all your souls fly free…



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