Legacy of Mini Potatoes

Ever since I was little I’ve always had one breakfast food my mom could make me (now I make myself) that no matter how sick or full I was I could always eat…
Mini potatoes.
Now those potatoes in a bag have nothing on these. The best part they are sooo simple. Healthy ?! Probably not but they are GOOD! All you need is vegetable oil, peeled potatoes cut into mini cubes, seasonal all (totally optional) and a high edge pan. Pre prepare the potatoes but peeling and cutting into small cubes. Once you have the potatoes cubed its always a good idea to let them sit in a little water while you are waiting for the oil. I usually pour them in move them around with my hands a little and then just them sit before draining them. Then they are ready 🙂
I always heat enough oil so the pan is fully coated at a medium level (6 or 7). once the oil is hot, I throw those babies on it and you just let them sit only shuffling them around every 5 minutes. you let this happen until they have a nice golden color. I like to put some seasonal all on when they are cooking and then sprinkle a little on once they are out. To get them out I usually get a plate lined with a couple paper towels ready before using the spatula to scoop them out onto the plate! Don’t forget to turn the burner of before you even move them. You are going to want the oil to settle first! After that they are all done and all you need Is a fork.
Some things I have tried:
Leaving the skin on. this totally changes the consistency of the potatoes
Sour cream, bacon bits, cheese, spring onions if you are having one of those days
Here’s some pictures step by step 🙂







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