My husband vs The Smart Phone: We have a winner!

So I am sure everyone is waiting in anticipation to see whether the hubby decided to go with the “dreaded” smart phone or stick with a simple “dumb” phone…well ladies and gentleman we have a winnnerrr!



Although he didn’t cave totally and get an iPhone like I would have liked and expected him to because it was free with an upgrade. Instead he decided to go with this extra durable phone made by Casio. Its called the Casio GZone Commando! It is waterproof, shockproof, and a multitude of other stuff. The one thing it is also… A SMART PHONE. All of a sudden after a horrid 2.5 hour trip to the verizon store [Our Associate Ashley was amazing though. It’s not her fault she needs to jump through a million hoops like some kind of circus tiger.] we returned home with the phone and not two minutes later did I start hearing questions like:

“My app store isn’t connecting. Can you see why?

“How do I get Instagram?”

“What is textgram?”

“Why the hell am I getting so many emails?”

“Isn’t there any way to stop and delete them all?” [not when you have 1,000 from never checking your email & your wife has started using it for random stuff ;)]

So there you have it folks…

The smart phone always wins.


there he is Instagraming away



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