Towels & A coughing bowl!

What you see in the picture above is our “sick setup” The other night it happened.. Penny started throwing up. Just when I got her comfortable with the “coughing bowl”, Bex started right after her. The only difference between them at this point.. Penny knows to use our “coughing bowl” where Bex hates using it. He expects me to pick his 27 lb 2 year old bum up and rush him to the toilet as fast as possible. This is completely unrealistic when it happens from a dead sleep, but hey I gave it all the effort I had all night!
Luckily they are back to feeling better & we are looking forward to painting pine cones tomorrow. Why pine cones you ask? Oh well Penny collects pine cones everyday on our way into and our way out of their pre-school. She insists on calling them acorns and also insists we get at least two every monday wednesday and friday. Her knew thing she insists on: storing them in her daddy’s old work boots! LOL Well considering the work boots are full & we still have a whole 5 months of pre-school I figure we better figure out some fun crafts with them. So first up are painting them with some paints I have leftover from other projects. Next we will make bird feeders with peanut butter & seeds with string. I think these will be especially cool with snow outside, but I’m nervous squirrels will get them! They seem to own the neighborhood around here.

So all in all;
Sick kids are so tough… (Sick husbands are worse ;))
& Crafts are amazing.



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