My Husband Versus The smart phone

For about two years now my husband has had a for lack of a better term unsmart phone. Basic as the mobile providers would say. I had tagged along on this more bargain for your buck bandwagon for a while before I couldn’t resist anymore and upgraded to the Iphone. The samsung intensity has been my husband through thick and thin phone basically withstanding anything, yet at the same time notorious for dropping calls, double sending messages, or just not sending them at all. That is all here nor there because the only fact that matter is…my husband just wouldn’t crack and go for the smart phone until he lost his phone. Now it has gone missing before but right about now we are at 2 weeks and counting so I highly doubt it will resurface. The time has come for him to once again choose to go smartphone or basic. While having a basic phone I can rarely get him to pick up calls, answer anything because he just doesn’t care about his phone AT ALL. When he had an iPhone once upon a time he was always reliable to pick up or text back. Just the tip of why I neeeed him to get a smartphone. Another reason.. He doesn’t even check his own email anymore. I am in charge of that along with just about everything else! I just know that having this smartphone would organize his world!

Although I feel the basic phone will win once again.. What will he choose?

To be continued….



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