Today started out like any normal Monday. I woke up to the light from Jared getting ready in the bathroom, complained about it waking  me up. A half hour later I woke up for real along with Penelope and then Bex woke up (crazy that he woke up last because he’s my early riser)! With Jared already at work by that point I got the kids breakfast..some donuts & mini muffins..Healthiest breakfast ever I know. Then we got ready and headed off to pre school. By this point its nine so we’ve been up for roughly 2.5 hours at the very least. I did my normal drop off and sign in ordeal. Today I spent a little extra time talking to Penelope’s teacher about the upcoming halloween party and Bex’s teacher about their bronchitis last week. [That whole week at home sick was AHMAZEING… not! LOL] 

I got home around 9:30 turned on Glam Fairy on demand (got to love my ‘reality’ tv) and sat down to fold some laundry. Then I got the call. Apparently I actually missed it, but got the message from Jared’s boss. It went something like this:

“Hey Jenni… this is Jared’s boss Brian… Just wanted to let you know there was an accident and Jared cut his leg with a chainsaw..”  


W T F 


Needless to say I found out the hospital and was on my way. I arranged pick up for the kids with his mom and got him a change of clothes as well. When I got there the wound was covered, but not stitched up. For what happened the time went by super slow, but fast at the same time. 21 stitches later we are home in our bed. He is so lucky with a good gash so close to his kneecap, another inch and it would have been shattered or a tendon could have been completely screwed. 

We are all thankful that he didn’t lose a limb or end up in a situation where he couldn’t work or would have a painful recovery.

Now we just have to  make it through this recovery…        

                                   If I can ever get him to just relax!



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