Many people in baltimore have began to panic. A defensive legacy is written in stone here in baltimore, since the drafting of Lewis in ’96 as well as the string of top 10 defensive efforts to unfold over the years. I think it unquestioned that is all because of lewis. through years of at least 10 win seasons and multiple playoff appearances fans have become spoiled. The need for an elite defense as well as an elite offense was needed. Entering his 5th season in the nfl qb Joe flacco has led this team to 2 afc championship games and o yeah 4 straight trips to the playoffs. still questions among analysts and talk show hosts swirled around flacco’s ability to lead this team to the super bowl. Fans have cried in outrage feeling scorned and disrespected by the criticism joe has recieved. Well here we go ravens fans did we speak to soon? i say surely not! With the age of elite defense fading in baltimore. it is joe flacco’s time to shine. with all pro rb ray rice and talent sprayed all around them at the other skill positions there is no excuse. I believe they will deliver. we shall see……



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