Halloween in my family is a HUGE thing! Actually, ALL holidays are. We love decorating and dressing up in accordance to that special day. Jared & I live next to my parents in a town house. This is a very close for comfort thing, but that’s alright because I love that they drive me crazy =] My parents are both pretty busy people with not a lot of free time, but they still make time decorate for Halloween at home and at my dads club! Although my dad doesn’t dress up (maybe twice in my life HA) he really does enjoy the holiday.
I would have to say out of all of us my mom and me are the most pumped about halloween. The PBJ crew (that’s what we like to call ourself) has already got all their costumes AND on a budget! I got my beautiful snow white costume from a community on Facebook called Baltimore Mom Swap for $10! We got Jared’s from blockbuster costumes with a living social. His was the most expensive clocking in at around $40 which makes me not even want to think about how much it would of cost regular, but it looks awesome! It will be a gold spacesuit pretty cool if you ask me. I can’t wait until it gets here. We got Bex’s from the local kid to kid for $8 and its the cutest little Native American costume ever. Last but not least I half bought/half made Pennys costume of Katy Perry. We started with a clearance walmart dressup $4 and then I proceeded to glue candy all over it & buy her the Katy Perry blue wig to go with it. I showed it a little in a picture before. All in All I am super excited to take my little ones trick or treating and have them give out candy!



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